Jul 112018
AVOCADO, an ideal plant food

Some years ago I used to be very fat, so fat that I would change my clothes frequently. At times, I would buy over-size pants or shirts knowing that very soon my body would fill up the gap. During the time too I was always frequenting the family doctor who would often caution me to watch my weight. And my diet then was snacks, burgers ice creams coffee laced with lots of sugar and continually having varieties of chewing gums in my mouth.

The trainer in a gymnasium near my residence talked me into coming for a body tuning program. That was a wonderful program in itself but for me it was a disaster. The first few days I had physical breakdown. I could not move my body out of the couch or out of bed. The doctor came checked me up and found nothing wrong with me. He ordered a bed rest!

All through the training and bed rest I was taking the same type of diet. The result was getting worse during my period of bed rest simply because I would leave the dining table to lye on the couch or straight to bed There was no form of exercise of the body.

Unlike most grand parents who are always eager to have a workout with their grand kids, anytime my grand kids come to visit me at weekends I always feel insecure! Not that they are a threat to my life but the stress and difficulty of having even a short walk. The doctor has persistently urged me to use the stairs instead of the elevators. But this is an order i rarely obeyed. When my grand kids come they prefer to run the stairs rather than the encased elevator (which some of them fear to enter) and I have no choice doing their bidding.

The reality of people being what they eat came to me when I become sick. I was really sick and I did not know when I was taken to the Emergency Room I was there for two weeks. During that period none of the stuff I used to was served to me. The first few days I was fed through intramuscular fluid and when I was able to feed myself, I was served with foods that would attempt to give me a new lease of life but without my usual stuff. The hospital operates a patients’ recovery program whereby the physiotherapist, during the last three days of the patients” stay leads them to go through some rigorous exercises.

When I was discharged at the end of the three-day exercise, I was a new person. I no more look sluggish, move sluggishly or act as if I was carrying the planet on my shoulders

I noticed that my belly that sagged down over my groin had become firm and flat. My upper arms that were sagging such that I often wore shirts to cover those areas of the arm were now firm and slim.

The dietitian and the nutritionist at the hospital gave me a feeding regimen and they assured me that if I followed their plan I would notice some positive changes in my health. Any changes? Of course there are wonderful and positive changes. I no longer visit the doctor as frequently as before. And some times he would call to know how I was feeling.

I have now redesigned my large clothes to fit my ‘brand new’ body size. I can now take a walk for about 40 minutes without getting tired and the stairs are also a joy to climb. My else while burgers, snacks sweet takes,ice creams and other sugar tainted foods are now put on hold. I am not condemning them but I am choosing good and better health in their place. This includes also any food that builds up unmanageable cholesterol level in body. A case in point is animal foods and saturated fats. A plant-based diet is the thing. It is low in cholesterol and containing less environmental contamination, a health hazard plaguing the production and consumption of animal foods

Since I began my dietary plan, I feel like promoting it but then one man’s meat is another man’s poison. There may be some who would vouch that the plan would not work and would give copious reasons how it failed to work for them. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Experience is the best and the only reliable teacher. If you are on the large side and you do not like you see in the mirror, try it. check with your physician and in collaboration with the dietitian and the nutritionist you will get a comprehensive health plan that will change your life for good

Plant food has no harmful effects. It is a diet for all the seasons and for all the reasons.



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