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In the first part of this article I portrayed the negative attitudes that prevent man from being happy, even thogh he is in pursuit of happiness.

In this second part I will be discussing the real sources of happiness; what makes happiness really a apiritual food.


The purpose of our existence here on earth is to seach for  happiness and to do anything within our power to control or avoid whatever may deprive us from being happy. I listed LUST as among those habits that will not give us real happiness. The antidote for lust is Discrimination. Discrimination here simply means making the right choices. This requires that we try to know ourselves, to know our strengths and our weaknesses. We are thereby able to prefer choiches that enhance our strong points and avoid taking choices that compromise our weak points. The best and easiest way to develop discrimination is to listen to the inner voice, Every one of us has this inner voice and when we listen to it we are guided on the best choices to make  And we are happy when we make the right and best choice in a given situation.


Anger and hatred seem to be twins but not identical twins. Anger arises when some wrong is assumed to have been done to one . Hatred on the othe rhand is a negative emotional state that one habors in one’s mind on accout of someone else’s failure to to meet one’s expectations. So the antidotes to these two states of mind are slightly different. In human relations it is generally observed that people who have not been in talking terms with each other become happy when they forgive one another. Tolerance implies that if someone does not believe the way we do in politics, religion or whatever, we should let such persons have their way, they should have their space. In fact as long as we fail to allow others their freedom we ourselves are never free neither are we  happy


Contentment is the antidote for Greediness. One of the greatest lessons of life is that ultimately nothing matters. At the point of exiting this earth we take nothing along with us hence St Paul is quoted as saying that he has learnt to be contented in whatever condition he finds himself The fact of change has taght me that there is no condition that is permanent, that nothing lasts forever. The journey of life is really short and all that we now care for are only for a vanishing while. Contentment rather than  greed can only bring happiness to our life.


The remedy for the tendency of abnormally clinging to what we have is Detachment. This state of mind requires us to take it  easy with whatever we have.These can be our children our property or our finances. We should not regard them as the sole source of our being or that without them we are ‘finished’ We should not give them more of our attention than they deserve.And especially with our family members  we shold allow them to grow and live their lives without undue over-possessiveness. The path of love and happiness demands of parents to give reasonable  freedom to their children for balanced growth.


Humility is a sure remedy for Vanity. If anyone who is a victim of vanity and is  ready to be free ffrom that state a very sure way is to begin to develop the attutude of  humility. A humble person is a silent achiever. In fact the vain person should reverse his lifestyle. he should begin to be focused,  calculating and unassuming in his actions and relationships. A humble person derives his joy and happiness from the fact that he has been able to serve life and that he has been able to brighen the faces of those affected by his action. There is happiness in service.

In conclusion, let me state a simlpe way of getting an abiding happiness in our life. It is by realizing that  this life is a spiritual school where man ,you and I have been sent to learn the ways of Love. When people  hear about love their mind rushes to the relationship bewteen the male and female gender. That one ultimately leads to an aspect of lust. The ways of Love traverses all aspects of our life, our endeavours .When we give our very best in whatever we are doing be it cooking, studying ,farming, and we are happy at it because we see it as being in partnership with the Creator, we are student of life and we ought to be happy.

At a  certain stage in life we come to realize that God in His infinite bounty is always showering us with so much love and care including life itself and the free gifts of nature it behoves on  us all to be really happy, joyous and grateful. 

Perhaps the greatest source for happiness for you and me is that we are always in the presence of God since in Him we live, in Him we breathe, in Him we move and in Him we have our being as rightly pointed out by St Paul. We do not procure any visa or buy any air  tickect to be with Him. The Kingdom is within. These realizations should indeed make for real Happiness all through our lives as Aristotle advocated in Part ( 1 )

Let us dare to be happy always  because it is  our bithright to savour in this awesome state of being  all the time.



Reader Comments

  1. There is a typographical error under TOLERANCE AND FORGIVENESS in line two of the post and also last line in conclusion- ‘othe rhand’, ‘bithright’.

    Your content is very enlightening. In fact, I owe myself to be happy. The hustle of this life on earth has made some people trade theirs with other materials things and jobs.

    1. Hi DERRAD, I am overwhelmed by the quality of your comments even observing the errata in the text. W A is really made up of a crop highly enlightened men and women worldwide and I am happy to be a part of the community.
      This is a learning forum of the highest order. I appreciate your love.

  2. Great article. To attain happiness, we have to be open and willing that it can be attained. It’s important that we rid ourselves of the negative energies in our lives that happens on a regular basis. These negative energies can cause us to feel unhappy or at best, make us feel as though we are simply existing or drifting through life.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi NATHAN, I really appreciate the quality of your comments. Yea, all experiences in our lives are of our own making. What we regard as negative is the counterpart of the positive and happiness is attained when we are able to ‘marry’ both. In spirituality we learn that we are the creator of our individual worlds meaning that we decide what we want the moment we stop being a stooge to another person’s whims. Your happiness starts the moment you can say NO without apologies.
      Once again many thanks.

  3. Wow what a beautiful site. I love your bit on contentment and though I know this lesson I do get caught up in the little things in life but I am going to try harder in being content with what I have, as you say we leave this world with nothing Thank you so much for the reminder

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