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Game Plan For Better Health

Some years ago, I noticed strange feelings anytime I had bowel evacuation. I was not comfortable so I visited the family doctor. She checked me up and reported that it was an ageing process. I was 65 years old then. But I was not okay with her report so I needed a second opinion. I discussed my need for a second opinion on the issue and they asked for a detailed description of my observations over a given period

Based on that they decided to fly me over to the United States for a more thorough investigation. That decision saved my life. I am still receiving treatment, but I am healthier now than then.

Many people are moving about unaware of the different ailments with them. This calls for a Game Plan for Better Health. This involves regular health checkups to catch any disease in the body at an early stage. It is generally observed that men often wait until the last minute before running to the doctor while women are known to go for checkups rather regularly hence their health cases are identified early and addressed.

This article will address three killer diseases that should be considered in any game plan for better health:


Leading health authorities are unanimous about the link between type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. And type 2 diabetes is a problem in the body that causes blood sugar levels to rise higher than normal level. The body does not use insulin properly. It is the most common form of diabetes.

Diabetes can be successfully controlled, and some say cured, if the patient follows strict dieting regimen and physical exercises. One of the marks of diabetes is that any wound sustained by the patient takes a long time to heal So a diabetic patient is advised to void sharp objects that may easily give them a cut. Less sugar foods or total avoidance of sugar beverages will promote a better health plan for the diabetic patient. Clean purified clean water is the best companion.


People used say that heart attack was the disease for the elderly. These days much younger folks are dying of heart failure or heart attack. It can affect anybody so everyone should endeavor to develop ways and means to checkmate it early enough.

Some game plans that we should embark upon early in life but especially when we reach 50 years and above include:

1. We should form the habit of taking a walk after meals especially diners 2. Whenever we go collect groceries from the stores, we should park farther away and walk. 3. If our office is located on any of the upper floors we, should run the stairs instead of the elevators unless there are health issues that advice against it 4. A good monitoring plan is to write down what we eat and what we drink This practice guides against deviating from our regimen. In the same manner we should monitor the calories content of our food and drinks. 5, We should watch our weight regularly and take our blood pressure as often as possible. Those who have the monitor at home should take it daily 6. Even if you feel well do not miss the doctor’s appointment. You never know what may show up.


There are many types of cancer in the human body Every part of the body is prone to cancer. Some cancers are not detected until they have fully developed and spread to different parts of the body. At this advanced stage and depending on the type of cancer the physician may have to apply palliatives or chemotherapeutic methods. But if detected early many types of cancers can be controlled and managed. Some cancer patients are surviving through the use of treatment systems that target the destruction of cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells

Best plans for cancer management apart from medical efforts include:

Good dieting and body exercises. Generally the cancer patient is often nos active as they were before but may be quite healthy. Their weakness is due to the massive destructive action of the cancer cells and the chemotherapeutic drugs that the patient have to ingest at times on daily basis.

The following game plan for better health should be considered to restore quality life for the cancer patient

Follow the quality of diets very meticulously, especially avoiding all processed foods. Eat out less and more home cooked foods Boil or cook the food instead of frying them. Many people favor meat and dairy products but watch out for the chemicals used in preserving their freshness. Those chemicals are carcinogenic, and some foods labeled ‘organic’ one has to be careful because their organic quality may not be better than the label. A truly organic chicken should grow and feed outside the cage and as regards beef. The cow should graze on wild field all its lifespan. It should not inject with fattening chemicals.

Plant proteins are healthier for the body than animal proteins. Plant foods do not contain fats which form cholesterol. All animal foods have fact in various degrees. Always obey the doctors’ prescriptions and instructions. Some people claim that certain herbs and fruits kill and cure cancer. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Have a chart with those who claim that they have been cured. It your health you are safeguarding and you must look for the best.

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