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Man is blessed  with lots and lots of foods for his sustenance. But the advancement in food sciece and technology has compromised the natural quality and purity of these foods to the extent that eating some of them has posed health problems.

This has brought about the search  for and the eagerness for people to look for the best healthy foods avaiable. The following four foods are among the best in the market. They are easily obtainable in the market and their prices are quite affordable:


The almond is very beneficial to man. In some cultures the almond leaves are medicinal both in dry form and fresh. The fruits are among the best food with medicinal properties for man  When I was young I used to pluck the fruit and crack the white raw nut and ate them. I did not know that I was fortifying my health with the enormous nutrients in almond.

Now I know that almond nuts can be ground into powdwer, dried and made into almond milk of different varieties.

The almond dried nuts are available in foodstores and with affordable prices. The almond milk is about the most nutritious and healthy milk in the market. For those allergic to dairy milk almond milk is the best alternative especially the unsweetened brand.

Almonds are a rich source of many nutrients for the development and health of the human brain. Almonds contain riboflavin an essential element in brain activities. Every nut has some quantity and quality of oil. The almond oil has a very high quality and helps in the healthy functioning of the nervous system Regular eating of almond nuts or drinking of almond milk especially the unsweetened brand help the better functioning of the heart.

Almonds are a good source of antioxidants and magnesium both of which protect against heart attacks

The health benefits of almonds are so much that only a slice can be given here.


Avocado is another health food that is loaded with much healty facts. Avocado is very rich nutrtionally. The taste of the puding is in the eating the sames goes for avocado One hardly knows the health benefits of avocado until one starts to eat it regularly. Unlike conventional drugs whose effects manifest in few hours the effect of avocado is gradual but effective in the body. 

While some fruits are affected by pesticides used on the leaves thereby making the fruits  dangerous for consumption the skin of avocado fruit is impervious and resistant to such chemicals. The consumption of avocado fruit is therefore very safe. It can be eaten as a spread on bread or as part of a salad.

Avocado contains lots of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A. vitamin C, vitamins B5 B6, vitamin E, vitamin K,, magnesium, iron, zinc copper, phosphorus among others.

The much needed potassium lost in frquent urination is easily  regained in regular eating of avocado. Avocados are high in fiber thereby tending to help with weight loss. They are also antioxidants that perform various functions in the body including reduction of the risk of catarats and degeneration in the aged.


Oats form part of an excellent cereal for breakfast. The oat seed has lots of fiber both soluble and insoluble. My experience with oatmeal really intigued me into a closer observation on this cereal. Since I started to eat the oatmeal and almond milk  at breakfast I scarcely felt hungry at mid day. I always felt full all day 

 I would only drink  my regular water. And at the end of the day before going to bed I would naturally feel to respond to the bowel  movement instead of taking laxatives.

My further search shows that oats are rich in magnesium,phosphorus, manmgnese, iron  and that they are gluten free.


Banana is a very popular food in this country. Everyone has taken a bite of banana at one time or another and it is said that majority of the citizenry eat banana on daily basis. In food stores one sees lots of assorted  types of bananas. The long typically green ones are known as plantains. The others are mostly yellow, red,  pink and much shorter than the plantains are the real bananas and they are soft to touch. 

China and India are the largest producers of bananas while the production of plantains is spread around the rest of the world.

Banana is an enery giver, it has lots of carbohydrates and sugars. No wonder people rush for it . It promotes instant energy. It is low in dietary fiber, it is low in protein but cantains good amount of vitamin C, Magnesium, phosphorus and very high amout of potassium

NOTE: This article in no way pretend to advice against seeing the physician in case the need arises. A qualified physician remains the first port of call. 



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