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In this post I am going to discuss my understanding of what Finding the Right Job means. Whenever I think of finding the right job different ideas related to the issue come to mind. Among these ideas is that finding the right job is the work of the mind, it is a matter of perception and it is neither here nor there

Again Finding the Right Job is like finding the right spouse. Does the right spouse exist? Some give resounding answer, YES and another group, may be larger, give more thunderous NO. So which is which?

If two people claim to love what they do but each has different motives in doing what they do such that one does his job to the disadvantage of those around him while the other’s job benefits people in general, what do we say of the scenario?

A country has a president who is a tyrant and a dictator even to his family. In the same country lives a benevolent benefactor always ready to advise those who come to him about better ways to living. Has each of these two found their right job?

What of this case, a man who finds his job as a thief and another man, a medical doctor? Has each found their right job? He who wears the shoes knows where they pinch. But people generally prefer the doctor for the thief, that is on the surface look. Suppose the emphasis is reversed, supposed the thief distributes his loot among the people on the premise that he did what he did because of the gross imbalance in the society, where the rich continue to be rich and the poor abysmally poorer? And suppose the doctor capitalizes on the situation and makes his bank account fatter every day without caring who pays his bills?

The right job is not here nor  there: it is in the mind. We can make any job the right job for us with the right mindset. The right job is the job we love doing and we are happy to do because it brings happiness to all those who are affected by it. It is not cast in stone that is why it is neither here nor there. W e have to follow the wave of change but at every point we need to learn the lesson that each position has to teach us

The right job is not necessarily the highest paying job The right job should give one some reasonable free time. The right job should make time for one to spend with the family and time to enjoy one’s money. A job which takes 20 hours every day of one’s time is definitely not the right job. It makes the parents alien to their children.

The right job should provide a healthy environment. The above job situation is at best a time bomb waiting for the right time to explode. In a situation where one thinks that the right job is the highest paying job and therefore  gets that highest paying job which  subjects him  to a 20 hour/day this is nothing but a time bomb, a suicide plan waiting to explode. It is not a healthy job and before long one will begin to pay the price in regular visits to the Emergency Rooms, and  exhaubitant medical bill and a degenerative life begins to set in

In the long hours of work one does not have time to have quality food one falls back to junk foods and snacks. Thses are at best deadly poisons.

The right job should cater for all round needs of the worker to ensure that he puts his maximum best in his job place.


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