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The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. But the effects of such mental aberrations can be devastating that one’s health is always affected.

Take the case of a patient who was diagnosed that he had a few weeks to live due to the nature of his ailment. He became so much afraid that he lost his appetite for any type of food, he grew weak and at intervals he would collapse and became unconscious. But when the physician was called in he found no cause for his rather deteriorating condition. Every one in the house knew the man was dying

A medical psychologist was then called in. In a chart with the doctor, the patient asked  the psychologist how many days he still had to live. The psychologist chided him that only God knew when anybody would die. The doctor then asked him why he would wish himself to die so soon. From that moment on the patient’s condition began to improve and started to eat well. He also began to research on how he could manage the main ailment. He was no more fearful of his health condition. The patient has now lived many years beyond the time it was diagnosed he would die.

This is just a short insight into the horrifying effects of fear  on our psyche. For example, most shy people are under the grip of fear. They are shy and afraid to do what they want to do wondering about the negative comments that people will make on their actions. And so they often fail to realize their life aspirations thereby denying themselves healthy lifestyles.

Some refuse to fall in love because they do not want to experience ‘broken hearts’ This automatically cages them in a lonely loveless life. Love gives meaning to life. It expands our horizon and enables us savor in the abundant riches of nature and God. When one is in grip of fear, they are slaves and lack freedom of action. They are like people on sick bed with legs tied up and hands taped to the bed. Helpless

Prophets, seers shamans, native doctors and pastors thrive on the fear that grip people  Fear stricken men and women pay out millions of dollars to these future tellers just to know  the future. And what it has for them. The fear of the unknown thus makes them run from pillar to post seeking a solution instead of enjoying a fantastic healthy lifestyle. An observation here is that assuming the future were revealed to these seekers what would they make of this new knowledge?. Has it not removed the fun of living in their lives?. Life no more offer them challenges, no creativity. They now live boring and mechanical life

Fear thus constricts any aspirations in people to seek better healthy lifestyle. It limits and even prevents people’s potential for healthy lifestyle.

It is the child who loves his parents that always stays with them and by so doing gains much wisdom about life.’ Words of the Elders are words of Wisdom’ But the child who is not comfortable in the company of his parents where does he learn the lessons of life? That is why the saying that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom is outdated. Our everyday life experience copiously illustrates the fact that the love of God is the sure source of all Wisdom. We are happier when we are with our loved ones and we can exchange views plesantries and all that. When we are in the company of those we fear we have to be assured of our safety before we can open up and freely relate with them.

The holy books tell the story of the good Samaritan. If he were afraid and left those wounded travelers, nobody would ever have remembered him. But he showed love and took the victims home, treated them; and the master instructed his followers to love one another, not fear one another.

All of us entertain some form of fear but we should not allow them to control our life thereby caging us from attaining our goals of self fulfillment.

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