Jun 072018


Gone are the  days that if you want to send a message to somebody not within your immediate reach you write a letter or a note, go to the post office, buy a stamp and drop it in a post box. And very often the letter may take days or months to reach its destination

The Birth of a new age

The internet and the mobile phone have made the world a global bedroom. These days any message you are sending out reaches its destination as soon as you press the right button. One can imagine what has been saved in terms of time, money and energy.

I am therefore using the latest communication technology to promote and inform everyone the benefits of healthy living and of enjoying healthy lifestyles. My flagship, Healthy Resources focuses on promoting healthy dieting, healthy nutrition, fitness and wellness, and healthy behavior to attain this goal

Many people are suffering from various types of ailments and doctors are overworked in their clinics for cases that are avoidable through quality information and better education.

A Healthy Nation is a Wealthy Nation so goes an adage and it is very true and relevant at this moment. The huge amount of money spent on health care would have been used for much more productive enterprises if people were better informed on how they could better take care of their health. Better health education will drastically reduce the billions of dollars spent on drugs every year and will people from ingesting tons of deadly chemicals  in the name of drugs.

Healthy Resources seeks to address all theses and many more.

 This is my vision. This is my mission.

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