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7 Natural Ways to keep your heart healthy.

This post is not from a physician or a health practitioner. Neither is  it  written by a professional nurse. It is the result of my observations from the field of human experience. I will therefore present my observations as simple as possible without much of medical terms.

Early Start Is Necessary

People begin to be aware of the delicate nature of the heart when they approach the age of 50. At that age they begin to realize that their ability to do certain tasks are waning and they are getting more sluggish. They become worried and seek the advice of the doctor. Most times the doctor will give a verdict the patient is hypertensive. And that is the beginning of a heart problem. Some may not be as observant of their body changes until they find themselves in the Emergency Room.

The following 7 natural ways of keeping the heart healthy are really natural means but are not against the medications prescribed by the physician.

1 No Smoking.

Smoking stands as the first cause of most heart problems. Being addictive the smoker will rarely agree to stop smoking to save his/her life. But anybody who has smoked for an appreciable length of time and stopped would appreciate the difference. Smoking does not allow for the  good fuctioning of the heart  hence doctors and health care practitioners advise against smoking.

2. Drinking alcohol.

Alcohol has the tendency of making one drunk if taken in excess. But what  is the excess volume? Some begin to lose their balance after ingesting just a cup of beer others may take several cups or bottles. The point is that the drunk does not think right and the heavy accummulation of the chemicals in the alcohol negatively affects the heart. The will power is a natural gift to man so the drunk needs only a strong will power to decide to stop drinking. They do not need any drug to make them stop drinking.

3. Animal Proteins

 When one begins to age the cells in the body also start aging and dying fast. And that calls for eating more proteins whicn are meant to rebuild dead cells. But in the process of eating proteins in some foods fats are eaten as well and they carry a lot ofa type of facts that are not digested thereby settling along the blood vessels and causing  cholesterol. Most animal proteins and dairy products are therefore not advised to be eaten for a healthy heart mostly  by the  elderly. There are many plant foods that are rich in proteins and do not cause cholesterol They could be a delight to eat in place of animal proteins or dairy products.

4. Fruits and Vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables abound everywhere and some are available throughout the year. But one should be very careful in the choice of these items. Some have been so chemicalized that their natural nutrients are no more  in them. Some people tend to opt for organic varieties in the fruits and vegetables but whether organic is  more natural or not the answer is neither here nor there. It is often alleged that some products are labeled ‘organic’ just to jack up their price. This article is not  ready to be judgemental in issues like this. But the taste and texture of chicken that are allowed to feed outside the cage all their life have very often proven to have stronger bones and better taste than those fed with bird feeds and kept in the cage The free chicken are the organic because they grow naturally without any artificial interfernce.

5. Take A Walk

When the sun begins to set or after the evening meal,  take a walk. The body needs  to worm up to absolve the heavy evening meal which will be digested while one is asleep. This exercise does not have to be streneous but map out an area you can cover within 30 to 40 minutes. Walk at your own pace and when you back take some rest and have a bath.

6 Eat Moderately

Unlike in younger days you may stuff any amout of food in your stomach and within a couple of hours you become hungry again simply because the food has been burned off by the activities you engage in  Not anymore. If you eat the same amount of food now, you have a proplem of fixing it. You will have  constipation and the inconveniences that follow it.  

7. Regular Exercises

If you visit an office walk the stairs to the exact floor you are going. You may be panting. No propblem the body is receivng a tuning for good. Also if you go for shopping park the car far from the mall and walk to the mall. After your shopping carry your bags or push the trolly to where you park your car and do your thing. do not pay any truck pusher to do the job for you. The truck pusher will not be with you in the emergency room, avoid this by doing these little things by yourself 

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